Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Valley Ain't Big Enough

Noon on Sunday. Reflecting on the weekend. A blur of bars and activity; Green Frog, Chimney Sweep, Mexicali, Clear, Sapphire, Firefly...........met some fabulous gay men. Other than that I came up dry. Some drama this weekend. Boy Gorgeous reeled in a chick that ended up getting dragged out of the bar.........she was kicking and screaming the entire way. (I don't blame her. I would claw my way back for a piece of that too!) I had some random male I have evidentially met before insert himself in our convo and got pissed with my less than friendly attitude. Walked down Ventura Blvd. screaming, "You are a bitch. You are going to die alone!! I CARED about you!!!!" Little does he know, I have CATS! (Pfft, fuck you! In your FACE!) Successfully ducked My Stalker by hiding behind BG. Think I may have gotten another one. Was making time with a hot guy last night when the Kettle One kicked in. Red patent platforms, cocktails and gravity DO NOT MIX. This seems like quite a lot of effort to put forth just to meet someone and get laid. Sexual Chocolate and I were talking about this just last night. It is all about the Vagina. Boys want it, we got it. This is all an elaborate dance to get to the end result, the VAGINA. AND if I did meet someone last night, the ritual of pussyfooting (pun intended) around this fact begins. The tacit rules by which we all more or less abide. Three dates before the boy gets the vagina seems pretty standard. Ugh! I am exhausted and depressed. I cannot tell you how many people have said, you will find someone when you least expect it. I translate that as when you have given up all hope and have resigned yourself to die with your cats. I hope they don't eat me before I am found.

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