Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dirtier Filthier Web Site

It is funny. My girlfriend is the LAST person you would ever expect to get us rolling on these web sites. I am the single, curious perv that should have found this for all. She has created a couple of monsters in our Filthy and Gorgeous (download the Scissor Sisters song!!) posse. I took it a step further and went to the filthier and dirtier web site. It is somewhat refreshing for men to be up front with their desires and ask for what they want. Embrace your prurient inner child!! At least their agenda is known from the beginning, not buried under dinner invitations and complimentary remarks. I have long said it is not a question of IF someone I am dating is fucked up but how fucked up are they? What is their Dirty Little Secret? (have a mother fixation? are with me because we are roughly the same size and they wanna wear my lingerie? Do they want to pee on me?) Don't laugh, this all has happened to me. Is their Dirty Little Secret a deal breaker? (keep your pee to yourself!) How much time will I have to invest before the Dirty Little Secret becomes apparent? The Dirtier Filthier Web Site is cool because the men will tell you from "Hello" that they do want to pee on you, wear your lingerie and have an Oedipus complex. The Dirty Little Secret. This is in the front of my mind when I jump into another relationship. I take a deep sigh and then leap right into the thick of it. Even I am rolling my eyes, here we go again...............I wonder if he will call tonight? I wonder if he thought about me today? Wonder if he has a myspace page? Boy Gorgeous just pointed out that men are my drug and I am always looking for a fix. Shhhh, that is MY Dirty Little Secret!

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SC said...

Um, so where's this website and how do I join. I could use a good random hookup.