Wednesday, November 15, 2006

JEWish not GUish..........

I know I have been a blogging machine today. I have to tell you about a dumbshit male that just instant messaged me. His im name is metsfanxxx and I asked him where he lived. He said New Jersey. I said, oh too bad, gu (geographically undesirable for the non chatters). He replied, correcting me, I am JEWish...........lordy! Lost it, laughed so hard I was cryin!!! here is how the convo went from there;
spankme: made me laugh, to the point i was crying
metsfanxxx: is that a good thing?
spankie: for you?
spankie: not so much
metsfanxx: ouch
thanks for playin! Have a good night all and peace out! Kat

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