Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bah HumBUG up my ass!

The holidays are coming and as a recently (or some would say terminally) single woman I am weighing the pros and cons. BIG pro, I do not have to blow inordinate amounts of money on things I think are stupid gifts; Led Zepplin box set, uber expensive White Sox Hawaiian shirt, Xbox and games, Wonder Woman light switch cover, shit for the boat for which I didn't understand the purpose. All thoughtfully collected over time, carefully hidden and expertly wrapped, all for an ungrateful ManTits. BIG pro, I will not be disappointed (ok, RIPSHIT PISSED!!!) when the gifts I am given fall waaaaaaayyyyyy short of what I have given in cost, sentimentality and execution. Not to mention presentation! (my gifts were wrapped in newspaper! Ok, the ones that WERE wrapped. Some were still in the bag from the store with their receipts. Fucker.) Whoever said the thought that counts was full of shit! A bad gift shows there was NO thought. I take it personally. Is it really that hard? When I am in a relationship I am an open book. All of my likes, dislikes, quirks, tastes, fears, hopes............are placed at his feet to be either validated or stomped on. (I am also pretty good at dropping hints about the Coach bag I *LOVE* or the Tiffany necklace I *NEED* from their new catalog.) When I am confronted with a physical representation of the fact I am not understood or listened to I get hurt. Then angry. It IS the thought that counts, just not in the way we have been conditioned to think about it. (Did he REALLY think I would like a Jeep radio/compass/tv/cd player??!?!?)

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