Monday, November 24, 2008

20 things I don't tell anyone

1. I put ketchup on everything. I cannot eat nachos or tacos without it, I call it white trash salsa.
2. Number one song on my iPod is Rock Your Body, yes yes Justin Timberlake
3. I drink alone
4. I live like I am in a frat house, ALWAYS have to call first. (relatively new for me.)
5. I talk to myself a lot
6. I genuinely belive the 80's were the hayday for white people. ('Cept for disco. Could better dances be invented for us ever?!?!?!?)
7. I butter rice crispy treats
8. My first fuck choice would be Bowie. Laminated.
9. David Sedaris has it all right.
10. I believe in soul mates
11. I have an abusive relationship with my boss
12. Steely Dan is my favorite band of all time
13. I was studying to be a minister before I move to fucked up L.A.
14. Happiest moment, right now
15. Saddest moment, right now
16. True love...Rick Morton
17. Role models are Xena (cause sometimes it doesn't do any good just to bitch,) Elanor Roosevelt and Zelda Fitzgerald
18. Ultimate theme song, U Li La Lu, Poi Dog Pondering;
19. Biggest regret, losing my best friend since third grade
20. Proudest accomplishment is helping my grandmother cross over with dignity

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's not so bad after all......

The economy sucks. The job market is grim and it is a dismal time to be desperately looking for different employment. My boss is passive aggressive and the worse things look, the worse he behaves. Oh, and I just took at 60 grand pay cut and cannot pay my bills. Good times! My degree was heavily psych based and I cannot stop thinking about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. I find myself somewhere entrenched between the bottom two blocks on the visual aid above. I do not want to pursue relationships at this point as I am fearful of being able to feed and house myself. I found this web site, I highly recommend it for anyone having a crisis of conscious right now. There are some pretty uplifting and enlightening talks on there. I am lovin' up some of the Filthy and Gorgeous chicks now. I am blessed. I may not be able to may feel like I can't breathe. I have no security with anything. It is nice to at least have friends to talk about it with.... Lucky lucky lucky me. Just thinking out loud.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Prophet Known as Britney Spears

Here is a link to the new Britney coughcomebackcough video Womanizer. It drones on "womanizer womanizer womanizer womanizer" gives me a headache to be perfectly honest. I guess we learned that Britney cannot remember lyrics when she had to string two words together, "gimmie more gimmie more gimmie more gimmie more" so I appreciate her handlers boiling her material down to fit her skill set. I am bored with my job today and feeling pretty lazy myself. I wonder if this tactic is transferrable to my job. Do you think I could rock this out in my account calls? Go in to see my target audience and drone, "cmos sensor cmos sensor cmos sensor" or "dram module dram module dram module dram module." I somehow suspect my customers would look at me as if I were batshit crazy. Guess Britney can pull it off because we already know she is bananas.

On a political note; I was very disappointed this morning when I awoke and did not find a pile of cash outside of my door. I though Obamma promised us that? If anyone from the Filthy and Gorgeous Posse finds out where we can get all the free shit he promised please let me know. I want to be the first in line with my hand out to get a free house, free education, free healthcare........I think I am going to really really like socialism. Gimmie more gimmie more gimmie more. Who knew Britney was a prophet?