Friday, January 18, 2008

More Amy....

This song is the bomb. Cannot forget this is part of the Frank obsession. Also You know I'm no Good off of Back to Black. Just cannot post all of them here.

For one tiny minute......

So I just heard from the Screenwriter. I presume that his "company" has gone and from the tepid text I just got from him my guess would be that he has had his pipes thoroughly cleaned and he's just not that into me. Oh well, was fun to think about for a tiny minute but back to reality. I am annoyed really. Whatever the case, the dirty thoughts he has inspired must be flying through space right now. I have been contacted by Skeptic, San Fran and the Cracker over the last week. It is like I am sending out the "slut satellite" to any that are tuned into my frequency. Tonight, I am going to see a band with a group of friends at Cafe Cordillair just staggering distance from my pad. Very convenient. Tomorrow, I am going to a housewarming party for my buddy Mr. Lexis. Should be fun, his friends are all really cool. Thinking there will be some guitar hero action. Other than that, I may go try my hand at Thai curry over at HottieEsq's house this weekend. Maybe I will finally get all of my closets cleaned out and my junk over to Goodwill. Nah, that would be just too productive.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Amy Winehouse Anthems

I have not been able to stop listening to Frank. These two lil ditties are the culprits. The Screenwriter has "company" and I won't hear from him until tomorrow. "Company" translates to chick right? Ughhhhh!

Why bother anymore?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mo' Jo

My juices must be flowing. NBC Exec met me and HottieEsq out at the Chimney Sweep last night. I will say, the novelty of being a Sweep VIP will never wear off. HottieEsq and I were gestured to the front of the line by our favorite bartender there. We walked in with the requisite hair flip in the faces of those still relegated to the indignity of standing in line to get into this dump. HottieEsq was already tipsy (thinking of that song now, everybody gettin' tipsy) which made the walk somewhat interesting...she bounced off several poles, bushes and wandered into the street at one point but we made it in one piece. NBC Exec met us inside and he was similarly buzzed having just returned from some Golden Globe event. He was randy....I felt like I was one of those cartoon character pork chops and he was the slobbering wolf looking to snap it up. We spent the night flirting via text...gotta love technology. I teeeeeased him mercilessly. I have no intention of hooking up with him for several reasons but it was fun nonetheless. I made him crazy which was plenty satisfying for me. HottieEsq decided the tables on the outside patio would be a great place to take a nappy so we decided to leave. This morning she is still not understanding why the bouncer might have a problem with that, seemed a perfectly reasonable course of action to her. Got her sorry ass up to my sofa and stopped talking to her once she started babbling nonsequitur sentences. Continued to text NBC Exec until about 2:30. Should have given him something to wrap his arms around.....or hand in this instance. All in all, it was a very fun night and I am loving my new found Mojo. I missed it!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm the Stalker

Another Saturday morning nursing a wicked hangover. Spent the night drinking and gossiping with some of the knitting members of the Filthy and Gorgeous posse. Good times! That is until I woke up this morning of course. Haven't chatted with the Screenwriter much over the last couple of days.....he accused me of being stalkery and unhealthy (mentally.) Guess I am guilty as charged. I just haven't met anyone I like this much in a while. I don't know if it is a bonus that he is level headed or if that will be my downfall. I will just try to chillax and enjoy the ride. Y'all know how hard that is for me. My stalker tendencies are also fueled by the fact I just really want to get laid. As many of you are aware, it has been quite a while for our girl Kat here. I am hoping the phrase "use it or lose it" does not apply to my little bean. I suppose I should appreciate his desire to take things slow in order to ensure we are a good match on every level. If you look at the contents of this blog, I clearly am no expert on developing relationships so I should defer to his better judgement. I tend to get myself in trouble by jumping in with my eyes closed so I will do my best to be patient and let whatever is going to happen happen. Why is that so difficult? I don't want to fuck up something that could be good by rushing in and I don't want to get into something bad (again) either. Oh dear.....time will tell. Speaking of bad, I saw Mantits with his new gf (ahem) going to the grocery store last weekend. Wow, she is naschty!!! Heavy, mom jeans, out of control hair, no make-up....I honestly would have mistaken her for a dyke if I saw her out. He sure traded up didn't he?? Is it wrong that I derive so much pleasure from that? One of his parting jabs of, "do you think you can do better than me?? Do you?!?!" And my response of, "I have and I will." went through my head when I saw him. HA! I bet he made her pay for half of the groceries. Cheap bastard as well. Mr. Fantastic noted that our relationship was so Dutch, we should be wearing wooden shoes. "You only dated me for my money!" I will try to remember this monumental mistake when I am getting impatient with the Screenwriter. Serenity now.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bum Deal

They say your external environment reflects your internal environment. Looking around my apartment I realize that I am a fucking mess. I am wondering if this is a sign of some sort of mental illness or that I have just given up caring. Like wearing sweatpants all the time. That is the fashion equalivent I think. So, I met the Screenwriter last night and he was very cute in real life. I haven't heard from him today so I am thinking that is not a good sign. Insert deep sigh here________. I have been a little obsessed with him this week and my work has suffered. I will say he gives a mighty fine mind fuck. Just having sex on the brain has had some unanticipated side effects; pheramones a go go! I have been hit on so many times this week it is unbelievable! I was invited to swing with a couple here in the SFV, cute guy at the grocery store, a customer even. Sadly, I only have eyes for the Screenwriter now. Who isn't calling. Ugh! I am trying to find some sort of ironic twist or meaningful connection for this blog entry but it ain't coming to me. This just sucks. Skeptic teased me last Friday with the potential for sex, then blew me off. And a blast from the past, the Animator is sniffin' round again. He dumped me for a 22yr old so I don't think I am going to go back there. Interesting beginning to the New Year....everything old is new again and the new is getting old. Hey, that was some sort of insightful commentary?? Maybe I still got it.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Back in the Saddle...not

I haven't had much to say to the Filthy and Gorgeous Posse lately. Work has been monopolizing my time then back to Chicago for the holidays. I decided Friday that I just needed to get laid with no strings or hoop jumping and went back onto the Dirty Filthy web site. As you might imagine there are many that would happily take me up on my offer. I chatted with a lot of guys; I got the usual jerks that think that "hi, are you horny? Wanna fuck?" is going to get me (or any woman for that matter) to run right out and drop my nickers for them the sweet talking Cyranos they are. Or guys with the screen names like Lonelyguy instant messaging, "why won't anybody talk to me? Why won't you send me your picture? I am so lonely!" I thought about messaging him back to say he should change his name to something like IAmAPatheticLoserAndJustShootMeNow or IShouldJustGetUsedToALifeOfMasturbation but I decided that would be mean and let it go. Mixed in with the group of under-sexed predators I chatted with someone that was witty and intelligent and a breath of fresh air. Going to keep this one on the down low for a while I think. I am hoping the muse will strike and I will feel the urge to write again but until then don't expect a lot from me. Happy New Year to whomever is still reading my grossly neglected blog. I hope I can get back to this, I do miss it. By the way, I signed into my email tonight and I got the message, Adult FriendFinder 69 members are interested in Spankie. I thought that was funny. Kat