Saturday, July 18, 2009

Body Temple Night

I decided to lay low after a super fun night with my Kittens and Freakishly Tall Guy last night. I cannot imagine how many dirty martinis I imbibed last night, but from how I am feeling today....I must have depleted the world's supply of Kettle One. I was supposed to go on a date tonight but just had to bail. I cannot rally. It is a shame because I was really looking forward to seeing The ChoirBoy. I have come to the realization I have to dial it back a scotch. I am dragging all the time and not hitting the gym regularly enough, eating well (or at all on some days,) and have a disgusting smoker's hack. Yes it's been fun...but I am getting too old for this shit and the rebound time is ridiculous. The irony is, I am really happy right now. I am dating a lot and really spending some quality time with my friends. I have taken control of things that have been looming over my head for a while. I have rid myself of the emotional vampires that tend to glom on to me. Financially, I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. My job is going well, my boss has been leaving me alone. Things are no longer spiraling out of control. Peaceful and happy....huh. Such an unfamiliar sensation.

Giving myself the yellow card

I'm back in the whorey saddle after my unfortunate experience with Minty Tingles. I am officially addicted to Sex Crack...aka Freakishly Tall Guy. Last weekend was an insane blurr of drunken activities with the Filthy and Gorgeous Posse and filthy sex. Saturday I had a 3some with Freakisly Tall Guy and the Sadist. What an intense experience. Hard to know where to focus, there was so much going on. During the process, I did stop to think how grateful I was that I had gone back to the gym so I could keep up! Freakishly Tall Guy was incredibly attentive and protective of me. It is weird to feel so cared for in such a filthy scenario. It is also odd to feel so proud of my "accomplishment" after being complimented for my performance. Saturday nights activities were follow by a naked pool party on Sunday. Never in my life did I imagine I would be trotting around naked, watching people do filthy sex acts while eating a cheeseburger. It is surreal. Boundaries crossed, skin bruised, taboos broken.....if life is a buffet as Auntie Mame claims, I certainly am not starving to death. I am more worried about gout.

The challenge will be not to get attached to him. During these intense situations one does make connections. I am like a dude in that I can separate sex and emotion but this is different. He has made it clear he has no interest in having more of a relationship and will not stop seeing other girls. He had a little freak out on me this week sensing I was developing feelings. We went out with my best lesbians last night and had a wonderful time. I need to step back and reaccess my situation. I am going to get hurt, badly.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Minty tingles and ready to mingles......

I had a wonderful holiday weekend. Probably one of the best ever, marred only by the fact I didn't get laid and am having a severe allergic reaction. I know I am allergic to spermacide...which I told Freakishly Tall Guy. Initially, as the allergic reaction unfolds, you can write it off as a bunch of different things, healing, UTI developing, STD developing....but eventually I had that Aaha! moment when it occrred to me to ask if the condoms had spermacide. Not only did they have spermacide, they have the bonus kick of "Minty Tingles" on the label. Minty tingles my ass!!! A marketing misnomer, should say "with fire in the hole" on the label. Not fun, and I have been put out of comission for a week now trying to get over this. In any event, I have a big date with Freakishly Tall Guy Saturday and a fun night planned for the Filthy and Gorgeous Posse on Friday at the Sweep. I just need to get through the next couple of work days. I have to be in San Diego by 9 am tomorrow, have to leave my house at 4 AM to catch the train. NOT a happy camper. I wonder if you can amputate your vagina?

Friday, July 03, 2009

Bondage Bonsai!

I am much more lucid today than last night. I met so many amazing people and had such a nice night. As I am rolling endless ears of corn in tin foil for the BBQ I am going to I can't help but think about how much I would like to be experiencing this weekend with someone special. I can be pretty cold and tough, but this BBFF not calling me thing has had me borderline weepy all week. He is a great guy, juxtaposed with Freakishly Tall Guy that wants to do some very filthy sexual activities with me. I am kinky for sure, but what he is suggesting pushes my boundaries. Sex parties, fetish clubs and threesomes! Oh my! What a lucky girl I am. I have some pretty purient sexual desires as is. What if I try these things and start to really really like them? I don't need to try crack to know I will likely enjoy it very much and become addicted. Why am I contemplating elevating Freakishly Tall Guy from Sex Candy to Sex Crack? It has proven impossible for me to find someone I want to be with. Imagine if I add, "turning me into Shibari Barbie" to the list of "must haves." I will be totally fucked! I have a week to decide. I need to leave and enjoy a weiner of an entirely different kind with the Filthy and Gorgeous Posse. Hope all of you are having as nice a holiday weekend as mine is shaping up to be.

Don't drink and blog...or try to make sense....

Talked to a tranny all night at the Sweep that thought she was passing. She wasn't. Unless you were Persian. Lucky charms! Wonderful night at the Sweep as usual. I was a Bar Star. I may just be too fucked up to blog about it. I cannot spell for shit and am using AppleBottom's driving technique by closing one eye. Nothing good comes of this so I should just say good night. I am going..really really leavinng. Will try to make sense of this at a later date. Peace out, I am FUCKED UP.

UPDATE: As fucked up as I am I still have to trot the hounds. They are very obediant so at this time of night, took them out off leash. They love it, we ran for blocks.....I try to tire them out with running away and then running back. It is shameful I have these kinds of dogs confined to an apartment. So, we get back inside the gates, and they go NUTS. Random guy, dropping off his rent check. Welcome to my "secure" complex. Who is randomly buzzing people in? Heads gonna roll tomorrow. I hear the buzzer now...kill kill kill.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Happy 4th!! See you at the beach bitches!

I'll make you see fireworks boys! xoxoxo Betty

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Didn't see this one coming (as usual!)

Just got back from some Sex Candy with Freakishly Tall Guy. I was a bit flippin' my lid on the way in....he mentioned he had a "proposal" for me. Sissy said, "THREESOME!" I reminded her, in my world you can never go to the logical place. You have to just let things unfold and know the outcome will be the last thing you ever expected. I went to his apartment and we drank wine and chatted for almost two hours. He said, "not to give you a big head but I have to say I have sunk considerable time into finding your blog." I haven't seen him for a couple of weeks, nice to know he is thinking of me. So, the "proposal." He said he would like to take it to the next level and spend more time together. "We don't always have to do sexual things. We could just hang out and BBQ." He also made me promise the next time I was as sick as I was Sunday, I would call him. "After everything you have done for me, I could bring you some chicken soup. Promise you'll call?" WTF? Was today opposite day and I missed the memo? Ultimately, we had wild monkey sex, blah blah blah. My head is still spinning from "the proposal." He likes me? I was taken aback, thought we might grab hands and start singing kumbaya. Holy fuck! Oh yes, and we had our first kiss tonight. Color me gobsmacked. Last thing I expected tonight (and finally, in a good way!)

NOTE: Thought the Filthy and Gorgeous Posse would prefer a picture of Gene Simmons rather than some cheesy kissy pic...hope you got the joke!