Friday, July 03, 2009

Don't drink and blog...or try to make sense....

Talked to a tranny all night at the Sweep that thought she was passing. She wasn't. Unless you were Persian. Lucky charms! Wonderful night at the Sweep as usual. I was a Bar Star. I may just be too fucked up to blog about it. I cannot spell for shit and am using AppleBottom's driving technique by closing one eye. Nothing good comes of this so I should just say good night. I am going..really really leavinng. Will try to make sense of this at a later date. Peace out, I am FUCKED UP.

UPDATE: As fucked up as I am I still have to trot the hounds. They are very obediant so at this time of night, took them out off leash. They love it, we ran for blocks.....I try to tire them out with running away and then running back. It is shameful I have these kinds of dogs confined to an apartment. So, we get back inside the gates, and they go NUTS. Random guy, dropping off his rent check. Welcome to my "secure" complex. Who is randomly buzzing people in? Heads gonna roll tomorrow. I hear the buzzer now...kill kill kill.

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