Saturday, July 18, 2009

Body Temple Night

I decided to lay low after a super fun night with my Kittens and Freakishly Tall Guy last night. I cannot imagine how many dirty martinis I imbibed last night, but from how I am feeling today....I must have depleted the world's supply of Kettle One. I was supposed to go on a date tonight but just had to bail. I cannot rally. It is a shame because I was really looking forward to seeing The ChoirBoy. I have come to the realization I have to dial it back a scotch. I am dragging all the time and not hitting the gym regularly enough, eating well (or at all on some days,) and have a disgusting smoker's hack. Yes it's been fun...but I am getting too old for this shit and the rebound time is ridiculous. The irony is, I am really happy right now. I am dating a lot and really spending some quality time with my friends. I have taken control of things that have been looming over my head for a while. I have rid myself of the emotional vampires that tend to glom on to me. Financially, I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. My job is going well, my boss has been leaving me alone. Things are no longer spiraling out of control. Peaceful and happy....huh. Such an unfamiliar sensation.

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swivek said...

"I have come to the realization I have to dial it back a scotch."

Was that on purpose? Hilarious!