Thursday, November 30, 2006

Alpha male......

In the interest of finding my Alpha male, I actually believe I FUCKING VIRGINIA!!!! I do not know what I ever did to piss God off to such an extent, but evidently, I have done something REALLY REALLY bad. I have been dating since we last met dear friends, but the pool of contestants is surprisingly lackluster. In the meantime I have started chatting with Alpha Guy. Southern, confident and dirty enough to please even this kink connoisseur. He speaks like a Hemmingway novel, factual with no unnecessary details (ie. the grass grew tall and green.) "A" for content and "A" for lack of flowery bs. We spoke on the phone, just a tinge of a southern accent (actually swoon when he calls me darlin' or honey.) He has a gentle confidence about him which I find incredibly attractive. All others pale in comparison. I wanted a man and I found a MAN. (did I mention he lives in FUCKING VIRGINIA?!!??) It begs the question would be attracted if he were attainable? Close by? Am I my own worse enemy when it comes to happiness? Is it possible to develop feelings for someone you have never met? I am smitten with a man that lives 2200 miles away that I have never met. Welcome to the 21st century. What to do what to do. I am wrangling with the crazy thoughts in my head right now (including hopping into my car and heading to LAX immediately) but must go to bed. Must be bright and shiny for my appearance on my favorite knitting TV show tomorrow. How is that for a boobie prize? Makes me want to stick a knitting needle in my eye.

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Duke said...

Whoa, wait a minute here. You were on your favorite knitting show????

I want to see video of this.