Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tropical Brainstorm

Another window into my soul....this is one of my FAVORITE albums of all time. The non Latin flavor tunes are disappointing but there are some gems on this disc. Two tracks in particular are anthems....In These Shoes......about choosing shoes over these shoes? I don't think so...Nuf SAID KRISTY! And the song which defines my slutty alter ego, Celestine. "Oh she is hot is hot is hot, she is a wild and wicked slut and she lives inside my head and stops me sleeping...." I think many of us can identify with channeling this wicked part of ourselves when we feel swept away and know we are being naughty. Sometimes losing control is so bad it is good......"Celestine I know you're there in your exotic underwear....." This song belongs in the soundtrack of unabashed, wild, uninhibited, no apology sex with your girl Kat here. Do do do do....................

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