Monday, April 23, 2007

Eharmony scamarama

I am beginning to think that Single Dad is one of those Internet schemers that try to bilk money out of poor, lonely single women. I am the latter, however, I am also too smart to fall for this crap. Let's look at the warning signs, shall we? We have already covered the "schmmopy" thing....too much too soon. He has told me a sad story regarding how his girlfriend took a bunch of money and abandoned him and their daughter (who could not be cuter, he shared pictures of her IMMEDIATELY). He has made himself a noble guy by telling me he is going to Africa to check out one of the many children's charities he funds (this one is for children with HIV). He called me this morning, and the phone number, which I am sure he forgot to block, was 13 digits long. When I asked him where he lived, he said LA. Um, OK...can you narrow that down a lil bit? (Now, if you didn't know ANYTHING about LA, what street would you name?) He told me he lived on Hollywood Blvd. (Right, exactly). My spidey senses are tingling, something is just not right here. Curiosity is getting the better or me so I began pushing for a meeting. We agreed on Friday. I asked him for a local number I could contact him on and the line went dead. Think I should hold Friday afternoon for him?

To add on, the 13 digit number he called from began with is what came up when I Googled;
Nigeria international country codes & city calling code. International Country Code for calling Nigeria. Nigeria country code: 234 ...
nuf said.

Ok, yet another update. Please bear in mind this is the ONLY person I have spoken to off of Eharmony. I just called to report him to Eharmony and they are WELL aware of who he is. He uses this children's charity line etc. on all of his different personas. When they find "Sonny" out, they shut him down and he just opens another account with a different name and different picture. Good news, at least my gut instincts were right. My mojo and gaydar may be broken, but my sense of self-preservation is not. I have to remember the words of Mr. Fantastic, God just doesn't want me to be happy.

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