Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Double Troubles

Friday night was a blast......dinner at Cha Cha Chas was really fun. I do find it disconcerting when I sit down at the table full of women and I am the flattest one there! Holy crap, SC's friends are stacked! Boy Gorgeous was the only male at our table and all he could do is look around and give his sly little smile and confided in me, "I like boobs." We went to Little Temple afterward and the DJ was off the hook! Rocking DJ Quik, Tribe Called Quest.......awesome. SC looked like he was having fun, I can tell when he is getting ripped because he begins sweating profusely which is immediately evident as he has no hair. One of SC's friends tried to teach me how to do the Shakira hips don't lie thing, unfortunately I am terminally white and my body just will not move that way. I guess there is video of this (thanks a lot Duke!) The club was thumpin' and I had a blast. Sarah, on the other hand, was scared to death. She was afraid to leave her car and wanted to leave pretty much from the minute we got there. I don't know what her problem was, it isn't like it was 11pm, she was by herself in the Staples center parking lot. Now THAT would be scary! I also don't like girls that talk about other girls. Very cunty. Boy Gorgeous was very drunk and tried picking up this Hispanic chick that didn't speak any English. She told him she didn't want trouble and we (pointing at me and Sarah) were troubles. BG has a vague recollection of this, he just remembers there was a language barrier. Sarah said that she looked like a tranny, and within minutes everyone in our posse was talking about BG hitting on a tranny. We had a great time and BG came back here and passed out in my bathroom. I had to pee like a racehorse and couldn't get into my bathroom so I was reduced to peeing in the bushes outside my house with my dogs. Fucking classy! SC just posted the pics of his bday on his blog and it looks like there was a similar ending for his evening. This last pic is classic, he is passed out on his bathroom floor. Looks like our work here is done....happy birthday SC!!!!!!!


SC said...

I like boobs too.

Boobalicious said...

The picture says a thousand words. When I told him he had puke on his shirt though, he moved quite quickly and stumbled to the bedroom and threw his shirt on the floor in the hallway. All of us present were laughing AT him. Which got us a typical SC response, FUCK YOU!!!
The DJ was off the hook!! I was lovin it! We need to go back there at some other time without the drama people (you know who I mean).
DUKE!! I want to see this video of LA doing the Shakira!!! Who was trying to teach you?
One last thing, All the peeps at the table, you know the stacked women, those are MY friends!!! LOL!! Chick SC I've known for years, Mini Salma Hayek and the Filipino White girl I know from school, and J is my best friend that I've known since pre-school!

Duke said...

First off, oy hell yeah, I like boobies too. Titties! (that was for SC)

How is it that I got some video? I never saw said event, nor did I do anything but take pictures with SC's camera for him (I know he's a picture person). The only time where I have a little blur in my memory was for about 20-30 minutes after doing that shot of Patron. I still remember everything, but just a little bit of blur.

I only knew a few people that were there, as I've met some of SC's friends before. Although, I believe that I didn't know over half the people there. That being said, I thought everyone was cool and fun to hang out with. Well, until the badgering about my ring came up. That was a buzz kill for me. Hated for the night to end on that note, but my ride was taking off.

Boobalicious said...

Sorry duke for ruining your night!!! I was just playing wit cha!!! My Bad!

Duke said...

I had about 5 people giving me shit, so don't take it personal.