Friday, April 13, 2007

I Yam What I Yam

Oh this is RICH!!!!!!!!!!!! Evidently, Boy Gorgeous spoke to Sarah to get her side of the story from Saturday night (when she left me to be raped and dismembered at the Staples center.) According to BG, her story was identical to mine with the names inverted (as he suspected it would be) with the notable exception of what happened in front of the parking structure. I was drunk and belligerent and tried to fist fight her! OK, question to the Filthy and Gorgeous posse, if you are going to lie shouldn't you make it believable? If she said I was drunk and tried to smother her with a loud "I love you Maaaaaaaan!!!" this story would be perhaps plausible. Here was Duke's response, " Duke: WTF? HAHAHAHAAHAHAH that is such BS! You don't get mean when you're drunk, you get loud, but not mean." Those who know me laughed their asses off and cried a mighty BULLSHIT to this story. People in Cali are insane. Period. Insane. Let's suppose her version of the story was in fact true. Does it alleviate her of her responsibility as a. my friend and b. a woman (bound by Girl Code) to make sure I was safe? Especially if I were that drunk and that out of control? Isn't it worse that she left her "ripshit drunk" friend in the ghetto, alone, at eleven o'clock at night, even more vulnerable, and an even bigger target than if my story were true? I am sure if I tried to fist fight her she would have been perhaps, scared to be in the car alone with me. There were TWO GUYS there!!! COME ON! (and by the way, wtf is up with those assholes that would just stand there and watch all this go down? San Fran wants to kick some pussy guy ass!) Shame shame shame. Broke with Girl Code. My boss pointed out that this breaks with Man Law as well, never leave a man behind.....except if he is going to score. That is the only difference as he sees it. So, I am on my way out to meet a boy. I will do my best to avoid fist fights this evening...especially since I cannot even form a fist with my broken right hand. I am wearing a new dress right now, I am calling it my "slutty June Cleaver" dress. The only fist fighting I will be doing tonight (or ever, for that matter) is fighting the boys off! Wish me luck!

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