Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I have just decided I am going to have a new hobby based on a new word I have learned....portemanteau(x). The definition is two words that you put together to make a new word. I love this word so much I could eat it up with a spork!!! I am going to make it my life's mission to make as many portemanteaux as I possibly can. I hope all the Filthy and Gorgeous posse gets in the spirit and plays along. I know this list will grow over time. Let's start with some ones we all know and love and a couple of my creation;
Mandals=men's sandals
mansaire=what mantits should wear
Moobs=what Mantits has
craftsterbate=substituting crafting for sex
badonkathonga=when you get so fat, your regular underwear become a thong
clitzkrieg=the amateurish attempt by a male to bring a woman to orgasm by roughly and repetedly pushing their little button. not a good thing.
cockblock=attempt by a male or female to kill your action
anesthepensia=the effect induced by a male who a. either bangs you so long you are numb or b. bangs you for a log period of time with no varience of technique resulting in you reviewing your shopping list in your head
fucktard=when fucker and retard alone just will not do
alcohomaulic=when a very drunk guy tries to get in your pants. For examples of this, refer to the entries on San Fran.
complidiss=back handed compliment (courtesy of SC)
procrastibate=masturbating when you REALLY should be doing something else
chillax=take a chill pill and quit being such a spaz (courtesy of Sissy, she says this to me all the time)
lazidiot=when you are too lazy to even make the effort to get laid (courtesy of SC)
frenemys=used to describe two women who act like friends, but hate each other's guts, think Lindsey Lohan and Paris (or Kat and Nicole back in the day)
"G"ihad=my personal holy war (or as I like to call it, my "whorey" war) to get laid. For more details refer to the entries on Skeptic.
Frustramax=when you are having sex or masturbating and are RIGHT THERE and just cannot finish....RIGHT THERE!!!!! No happy ending! ugh! (I was favoring frustrabation for this one and SC came up with this as an alternative. Or maybe frustramast? Which do you prefer?)
psycherette=when you are out partying, and go to have a cig and realize your pack is empty...doh!
hairapist=When you go to your hair stylist. There is nothing more sacred than this relationship. We tell each other EVERYTHING.


confessing7girl said...

Those words r hilariouss...genious!!:D ill start using some of them...

sc said...

Complidiss....when you're complimenting someone, but at the same time, you're putting them down.

Boobalicious said...

You forgot:
Fugly - when just ugly won't do and you have to add Fuck in the front...

sc said...

Tigobitties...a method in which to describe a large-breasted woman (Boy Gorgeous should enjoy that one)

Ron Diggity said...

SC is such a mathlete, he'd rather count pixels on his webzine simulcast.

And don't get me started on that metrosexual wigger Duke.

My gaydar might be off, but if SC and Duke got crunk in a motel for some sexcapades, they would Californicate and the baby would be Blaxican.

That's 12 portmanteaux from this craptacular comment by my guesstimation. Okay, 14.

LA Woman said...

Ron Diggety, ginormously impressive. Maybe you should run my blog. Kat

Duke said...

I'm a wigger? last I checked, I'm more of a whixican.