Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I am a glutton for peeps and punishment

spankie: glad to hear there was no Easter celebrating going on Mr. Atheist. More peeps for the rest of us.
spankie: are you around?
Skeptic: No, just left.
spankie: ha ha! you are a funny one.......i think i gained ten lbs of marshmallows peeps this weekend.
Skeptic: That's not good, 'cause you were a little hefty already
spankie: thanks sunshine.
Skeptic: I prefer to be called Darkness.

We have a date. Thursday night. Think he will show? Is so, he may get a "Peep" show, of the marshmallow variety. I keep them right here (patting my peep pooch.) Talk me down my peeple, I am already getting excited.

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Duke said...

Don't count your Peeps before they hatch...or something like that. You need to mallow out a little and not get too much ahead of yourself. I think that you may seem to eager going into the date. And you're going to get really dissappointed if nothing happens. It's one thing to hope and prepare, it's another thing to dwell on it. I know, easy for me to say, but I would just rather you go into the date with low expectations and be pleasantly surprised than the opposite.