Sunday, April 15, 2007

Husband Material

I have been displeased with takes so frickin' long to get to the point where you can actually talk to someone. I haven't gotten many matches either. I will say, it is nice when you can see they are 5'4 or a postman and just click "close match" and not worry about having to sugar coat the truth about why you are not interested in continuing. I finally got to the point where I am speaking to one guy, Single Dad. We chatted for quite a while yesterday and I am cautiously optimistic about this guy. He honestly seems pretty cool! He has a five year old daughter, who is BEAUTIFUL. He is successful and tall (6'4)! He has a good sense of humor. He wants marriage. How often do you hear that from a guy in La?? I am actually looking forward to speaking to him today. Maybe I will be on one of their commercials. Here I go again.....getting too excited. I need to slow that roll and just chillax as Sissy would say. I hope I am ready for a "grown up" relationship. Can I get rid of my Sponge Bob cuddle pillow? Or my tshirt that says, Please Lick Me? Or my PJ's that say, Boys are Smelly? Would someone actually entrust their child to me? Kids love me....that is for sure. This is a classic case of be careful what you wish for......I think it might be a nice change of pace being with someone that is stable and grounded. Maybe some of that will rub off on me.

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Boobalicious said...

Grown up relationships are great, when you can find one. Personally I think I've given up on it to some degree. I mean what would you even classify as a grown up relationship anyways? I don't really wanna give up my Eeyore pj's, nor my habit of jumping on the back of the grocery store cart in the parking lot. I thought I had found husband material, but man was I wrong. My advice is just STOP looking and stop trying so hard. Work on you and eventually when the timing is right, it will all fall into place. I know as a woman that is A LOT easier said than done.