Thursday, July 12, 2007

you know how your people are.....

It is nine pm and I am still hung over from the first Sip and Stitch at Lucy's 511 in Burbank last night. It was worth it as I have found my kindred spirits in HottieEsq and Knitstah. You know who you are. I am trying the hair of the dog treatment and it is NOT helping. I feel sicker and sicker with every tick of the clock. So last night was quite interesting for me on an intellectual level. I guess racism is alive and well which I find shocking. A four billion pound woman showed up to our knitting group last night and was talking to HottieEsq. Evidently, the quote of the night was, "you know how your people are." HottieEsq was chatting the big piggish woman up and at one point looked at me and stated, "Wow. She is quite the racist." Later, the Racist pulled a large, white, triangular knitted item from her knitting bag and I commented to HottieEsq, "look, she is knitting a hood!" I stopped by the knitting store today and the Racist was there. I really wanted to stay and say something to the effect of, "I cannot believe a woman of your size can muster the energy to knit. Shouldn't you be laying in bed ordering carry out? Eating five whole chickens wrapped in bacon? You know how your people are." I didn't as I was too hung over to be cutting and clever. Next time she is mine. Bank on it. HottieEsq brought a cool boy, Mr. NBC. I have a commitment from Boy Georgeous to show up for the next knitting night. Love knitting, love boys more.

Speaking of boys, San Fran just called and really wants to see me. I know, I know...he is a retarded (now unemployed) asshole but I like him.And I am horny. And he is hung. Plus I would love to see my uncle that owns Image Leather (biggest leather shop in San Francisco and the rest of the world)

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