Saturday, July 07, 2007

How Kat Gets her Point of View Back

The thing about being sick is not having anything to talk about. I have been BORED out of my skull over the last couple of weeks. I have said it before and I will say it again, you never feel as single as you do when you are sick. To top it off, it has been so fucking hot here in the valley. It was 96 INSIDE my apartment last weekend with the air conditioner going. I have been reduced to living in the living room as my bedroom is even hotter than the surface of the sun. I have not seen the interior of that room for three weeks. I open the door and throw my clean/dirty laundry in there. Add a fever on top and that is some good times my friends. I am trying to get back to my life....still have a cough and sore throat and no energy, it is tough. Last Wednesday, I had some of the Posse over for the 4th which was fun. Boobalicious came first which was awesome...we got to talk for awhile alone, and she put on a bathing suit (wowsa!! I am not jealous, really...) Sexual Chocolate showed up in his "black by popular demand" t-shirt. Boy Gorgeous rolled in over two hours late, personal bottle of wine in hand. We bbqed and drank and some of my neighbors joined us. All in all, it was a very nice day. As the sun set, I noticed a certain sizzle occurring between BG and my neighbor. BG was prancing around like a drunk peacock (emphasis on cock) and surprised us both with making a muscle, "here is the thunder" and then ripping open his shirt, "and here is the lightening!!!" Upon closer inspection I could see he had shaved a lightening bolt out of his chest hair. God I love him. I slipped away and let whatever was going to happen happen. I spoke to BG the next morning, and he was calling my neighbor the wrong name. I think it is true love.

Friday we went to the track which was a blast. I was the designated driver which limited my ability to take part in the dollar beers. A crime really. We ran into my old boss who was there for a party and I met a boy. The Metro called him a douchbag (I think every other word out of his mouth was douchebag all night). BG thought he was pretty cool because he played a mean game of flip cup (which outweighed the fact he quoted Old School like three times in the course of the convo.) I did not give Hermosa my phone no but told him he could get it from my boss. We will see just how badly he wants to go out with me. Ended up in very cramped, hot and crowded bars in Santa Monica. The Metro was getting lippy and I was afraid we were going to end up in a fist fight. I drank three Red Bulls which came back to haunt me at 3:30 am when I was trying to sleep. Live and learn, this designated driver bullshit is a first for me.

Tomorrow is going to be a hella day of work but my reward will be having dinner with Skeptic (my fuck buddy that won't fuck me, there are more details here which I will save for another time) and then I start my creative writing class at UCLA. I am scared being a co-ed again!! Do I bust out my plaid skirt? Tie up my shirt? Where do I get those pink fuzzy pony tail holders that Britney had?

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Boobalicious said...

Be jealous, be VERY jealous.. HAHAHA!! You know I love ya!

I had a great time also. What was BG calling her? And OMG seriously, a lightening bolt? That is hilarious.