Monday, July 23, 2007

Don't want to Harp about it....

Dammit! I have back fat, again. It is undeniable and I am now going to have to do something about it. How many times do I need to remind myself that elastic is not my friend? Neither is beer. I slipped on one of my super hot pairs of True Religion jeans and I had to sort of, um tuck, my fat into the waistband. Pfft, they are only skinny jeans when what you are shoving into them is skinny. This weekend was fun at the Chimney Sweep. Place was thumping, partly because the Green Frog has been closed by the health department and the Sweep is getting the overflow (Mad roaches. Ew, I have been there a million times!) Dare I say, I may be getting my Mojo back! Yay me! I was working the room like a five dollar hooker works a back alley! Unfortunately, I got more digits from chicks than boys but baby steps.......I am officially a Cougar as I did get the digits of some nubile 26 year olds that called me Sunday to meet them at the Pineapple Hill. Actually got one of them to take his shirt off at the bar. Sexual Chocolate and Boobalicious showed up with their posse in tow and Knitstah with hers. Good times with good people. I wish I always had my friends to buffer me from reality. I have not been sleeping much and been having what I suspect are wee little panic attacks. I need to overcome the inertia which is prohibiting me from moving forward in any aspect of my life. I haven't been knitting, cleaning, dating, working out, working my job (well), managing my money. My life is a disaster right now and I know the steps that I need to take to break through this. Cha cha cha!!! New record, Boy Gorgeous blew me off Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend. He is leaving me in a week so I won't lie, it hurt my feelers. Saturday was understandable as he was getting some Pussy but......Some parting thoughts from DragonLady to the Filthy and Gorgeous Posse, "Friends are like buttcheeks: shit may come between them but they always stick together." I will remember that when I finally get to talk to BG so I don't wring his neck.
An update on the bruises of unknown origin; the consensus with the Posse is the one on my arm is a bite mark.

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