Saturday, July 14, 2007

That Guy

Last night Boy Gorgeous had a wild hair so we decided to kick it at the Chimney Sweep. My new BFF HottieEsq showed up with her "special friend" in tow. I have commented to BG on multiple occasions that we kill each other's action more than we realize when we go out. Last night, we ran into the Musician again. He appeared high, is bone thin (think heroin addict), his drawers held up only by a well worn belt cinched tight. He and I talked for a bit and he told me he has been hitting on me every time he has seen me there but I am always with "THAT guy." As attractive as the prospect of cuddling up to what I imagine would be the equivalent to spooning with a bag of hangers would be, I more enjoyed his characterization of BG as "THAT guy." We got a good laugh out of that and BG embraced his new title. As "THAT guy" he worked his magic on HottieEsq. When he turns on the charm and sticks his pinkie out, he can be quite irresistible. We drank a lot and HottieEsq was getting a little unsteady on her feet. She got Fatburger into her head, and left with her "special friend" to do whatever drunk grown-ups do together. BG and I closed that bar after what is always a fun and memorable time together. He was very hung over this morning. I got a message that HottieEsq left for me last night, "Thanks to you, I am going to be having mundane sex. Thanks for nothing!" Hopefully we will fare better tonight; going to Firefly with HottieEsq, Knitstah and Mr. Katt. Anything can (and usually does) with that boy around, should be good times.


Anonymous said...

"Unsteady" on my feet is such a kind use of language on your part. I was rip-roaring-sloppy-stupid drunk. I love you, girl!

Yvonne said...

A bag of hangers! I almost fell off my chair and have been laughing all week!
Talk to you soon sissy!