Saturday, July 28, 2007

Soy un perdedor

It is Saturday night at 9:30 and I am home alone with nothing to do. I could have gone out last night, but I decided to choose the adult route and stay home so I could get up and accomplish a bunch of junk today. I had a chance to go to Teddy's at the Roosevelt hotel; Hollywood hot spot for celebutants and hot messes. Would have been cool to say I have been there, but I just was so tired and have so much shit to do that I decided to stay home. Tonight, I was supposed to go out with HottieEsq which also did not happen. She had to go to a party and left me in the lurch. I know she isn't having a great time, however, I am still stuck at home by myself so I find that little consolation. I am pretty good at insuring I have something to do because I never feel like as much of a loser as I do when I am home on a weekend night. My best friends at home (Chicago) are all together tonight for a birthday party. They are texting and calling me...sounds like they are having a blast. I should be there yet I am in LA watching Forensic Files. Yippie. I could be doing a lot of things, however, I think I am just going to feel sorry for myself. Not often I get so firmly planted on the pity pot, but I know I will shake it off by tomorrow. Tonight, I am going to drink some beer, watch more CSI type programming (you NEVER want to piss me off, I know how to kill you without leaving any forensic evidence) and then go to bed with the proverbial "dog pile." Hope your Saturday is going better than mine.


HottieKnotty said...

Tu no es un peredor: YO soy un peredor. Sorry that I didn't go out and left you alone. I feel bad! I will make it up to you, Wednesday: PROMISEPROMISEPROMISE.

Boobalicious said...

Well you could have gone to the chinesse place with SC and me. However the service sucked and I was saying crap to the point where SC had to tell me to pipe down basically. Even though I did a lot of stuff this weekend, I feel as though it was all just whatever. You know what I mean. Like nothing out of the ordinary I suppose. I mean I had a blast at the Angels game (Woo Hoo they won that night), but all and all, it was pretty uneventful.

I've been sitting in the pity pot for the last two months. So I know how you feel. I'm constantly looking for a distraction to not have to deal with my reality. Ugh. I feel like Peppermint Patty just took the ball away as I was about ready to kick it.