Monday, July 16, 2007


On some level, I am always grateful when Mondays roll around. My liver (and wallet)
need a break from the weekends. I also have several bruises of unknown origin, really nasty looking. I honestly do not know how I got them. Saturday night was fun; Killer Shrimp and Firefly with my new BFFs Knitstah and HottieEsq. Firefly is a bit of a blur for me. I didn't think we drank that much, split two bottles of wine between the three of us over several hours. We closed the joint and the girls parted ways, me following Mr. Katt to a house party. Always trouble when you are out with him. Met some boys. Got home at 6 am. Wasn't too bad as I drank water for the rest of the night, just tired. I am back on the work bandwagon this morning. I have so much to do....there will be no messing around this week to be sure. I am checking off the action items left and right already today. Conference call hell. Ugh. I just want to feel better and get ahead of the curve with my job/apartment/life. I am having another "rat stuck in a wheel" kind of day. I need something that will give my life meaning and purpose. Living solely for yourself sounds like it would be great on paper, but sort of sucks in practice.

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