Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oh No he didn't.........

Oh HELL no! Here is the email I just got from Dolphin Man;

Kat, my sexiest love,

Nice hearing from you yesterday, Kat. Good to hear you are feeling better. I'm looking forward to getting together again after your Vegas trip, perhaps later next week. I want both uf us to be in top health when we meet, though! I want us both to totally & completely enjoy our time, conversations & experience together, OK???

Oh yes, sorry for exposing too much of my chest at dinner! I can't believe I looked like such a slut! I'll wear my starched priest's outfit next time we meet, unless you have another dress style you prefer...just say the word, cutie! And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed your plunging, so naughtily "oopsy" revealing 50's dress! It was very, very entertaining & alluring. You do that very, very well... DAMN NAUGHTY TEASER! By the way, I'm at dolphinman@iamafag.com if for any reason you don't have time to communicate by gracing me over the phone with your soft, sexy voice....Stay well & keep in close, close touch,

Yours, Dolphin Man

Guess the slutty June Cleaver dress works.....a little too well. I will have to make sure to only bust that for a man that I know can handle it. So, this guy goes into the blocked call list. G-r-0-S-S!!!!


SC said...

WOW. This guy is a nutjob. Well at least you gave him a chance and you got out there. Not all of them can be home runs right off the bat, alot of them are dribblers down the 3rd base line.

Well now that you have a couple dating for food evenings open, I'll offer to take you out to dinner. I have only one requirement though, you have to wear the slutty June Cleaver dress.

LA Woman said...

Done. I am a naughty little minx.

Duke said...