Thursday, May 10, 2007

An embarassment of male riches

Oh decisions neighbor's friend, Mr. June Lake, is in town this week. Night before last, there was a pounding at my door, I opened it to see the uber hot JL holding a HUGE wedding picture up....told me it made him think about me. JL is honestly, the funniest person I have ever met. We have spent some time drinking beer with JL the human cartoon character/comedian entertaining us over the years. He dropped the picture and shamelessly grabbed me and while adeptly grabbing my ass, planted one (full on tongue) before I knew what had hit me. JL always finds a need to take off his shirt around me, revealing a smoking hot and cut bod with the coolest tattoos across his broad and muscular shoulders (has the entire "Where the Wild Things Are" book tattooed across his shoulders in black and white. Really cool. ) We had a couple of beers when he began the flattery, he doesn't understand how his friend can live next to such a smoking hot chick and not try to tap that! (Wow. Swoon.) He is only here for a couple of days with a thin wall separating us.....I will not lie when I say I am very tempted to let the rumpus begin with JL. ME-OW! Today, I have a date with Skeptic (albeit a brief one, he has allowed about 2-3 hours for me.) It seems he is coming out of his funk a touch and we will see where this goes, if anywhere. Finally, San Fran will be here Saturday. I am surprised that I am actually excited to see him. It has been two months since I saw him on my birthday. So this is how it goes, famine to a feast of muscular male flesh. Could it be that I am getting my mojo back? Dare I hope?

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