Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bar Star!

Over hump day, Praise Jesus! Tuesday was another day trip to Vegas and yesterday, drove over 400 miles between 6:30 when I left and 7:30 pm when I got home. I am genuinely dog tired. I will overcome the fatigue because I have earned my Thursday night happy hour! Boy Gorgeous, Mr. Fantastic and Sexual Chocolate are all going to help ease in the holiday weekend with me tonight at Mr. F's "place" El Torito at the Galleria. (place is in quotes because BF and I give Mr. F loads of shit for having a chain restaurant as your "place". My place is Firefly or Stanleys.....we could even rock the Pineapple Hill or Chimmney sweep. Not like I am saying, hey let's go to my "place," you know McDonalds on the blvd.) I love my boys and don't get to spend as much time with them as we once did. Sigh, stupid jobs get in the way.

Moment of note this week, my friend Dragon Lady sent me this text;

I had a check up 2 day. I tested positive 4 sexy! I'm allergic 2 haters. My blood type is baller. And dats y I'm hot!

*LOVE* her! I have to say, I love black women. I wish I had the confidence and sass that most of the black women I have known have. Dragon Lady certainly fits my "racial profiling" of black women. Strong, beautiful, independent, confident.......what a cool chick! Snaps to my sis that I know lurks around the Dating Misanthrope hallways. Love you girl!

Other moment of the week, my boss missed his train out of Santa Barbara yesterday so we went wine tasting in Backwards country. I bought two matching t-shirts that say; "Be Happy! Drink Pinot Noir" and have a giant happy face on the front with a red pinot mustache. I will be sending the larger one to my dad for Father's Day but the REAL gift will be when I go visit him next and go wine tasting in the foothills. We will be ROCKING our matching Daddy/Daughter shirts which should be quite embarrassing for him. There will be much humiliation and many many incriminating pictures. I cannot wait!

I am off to trot the hounds and make myself presentable for the handsome sect of the Filthy and Gorgeous posse. Time to transform from the Dating Misanthrope to the Bar Star!

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