Friday, May 25, 2007

Mantits Sighting

Mantits must have missed the memo that El Torito at the Galleria is Mr. F's "place." I walked into the restaurant looking around for the Filthy and Gorgeous posse and there he sat, in all his mooby (man booby) glory with two very young girls. I called Boy Gorgeous and he suggested we go to the Cheese Cake Factory instead as Mantits has told many people that BG and Mr. Fantastic were the reason we broke up. (I guess it is much easier to blame them than face the fact you are a cheap, pot smoking, misogynist, jealous, lying, self-destructive, verbally abusive, erectiley dysfunctional pig with loser friends.) It is weird because it did bother me to see him drinking and having fun with these girls. I suppose I have been a bit melancholy because I dumped him exactly a year ago this week and he has been on my mind. I would never want to get back with him but I want him to live a miserable and solitary life and die alone. I know that is petty and small of me but I don't care. He fucked up what could have been an amazing relationship and he does not deserve happiness. Period. BG and Mr. F and I remembered last Memorial Day weekend. We made it a three day long bender where we swam in my pool, BBQed and left my apartment complex ONLY to go to the market and buy more alcohol. Good times. Mantits got pissed at me because I was being the host on the first day and brought my boys beers down by the pool and made food for them. He accused me and BG of locking ourselves in the bathroom alone at one point (never happened, another one of his weird jealous fantasies which he believes to this day) and he stormed off. We partied on for another couple of days culminating in me going off in a tangent about Mantits and his tiny penis and lack of prowess in the bedroom (which was harsh even by Filthy and Gorgeous standards.) BG recounted this story and made me promise if I ever saw his penis I would not get mad at him and attack his manliness. I gently reminded him that everyone at the table has ALREADY seen his package and it is likely on UTube (this is the infamous 5'4 315 video taken on a very drunken Sunday at Buzzbys in Santa Monica.) He looked panicked for a second until he realized I was just joking about it being posted on UTube. At the end of the day, I would rather be alone and happy than with Mantits and absolutely miserable. He is one messed up puppy and will bring his problems into any relationship he engages in. The sad thing is that he hides these problems very well for a long time (almost a year with me.) By that point, I was in love with who I THOUGHT he was (the Representative.) When the true Mantits showed himself, it was very hard for me to extricate myself. It had to get VERY BAD before I could finally walk away. I suppose I am still in love with the Mantits Representative which is why it hurt me to see him last night.

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