Monday, May 07, 2007

Dating for Food

I fucked up. I am brokey broke for the rest of this month. I was overzealous paying off credit card bills this month and I now have, on the 7th of the month, EXACTLY 260 bucks to make it through the end of the month. To further complicate matters, I have a hair appointment next Saturday ($110 bucks), nails ($30 bucks) and have to pay the dog sitter when I go to Vegas for work next week ($90 bucks). My friend Mr. MBA from Chicago said, as if it were obvious, well just cancel your hair appointment. Nuh UH!! I will starve before I do that (I don't know why he thought my response was so fucking funny.) So, I have begun to plot my survival for the remainder of May.....I have some food here which will get me by on lean evenings. I picked up a bad habit from my mother, I have a freezer full of food. It is like "money in the bank" the way I was raised. So, Thursday I have a date with Skeptic. He will buy me dinner. Saturday, San Fran is coming in town and I know I can count on him to pay for EVERYTHING this weekend. Monday through Wednesday, I will be in Vegas for work so I can expense all my meals and lots of cocktails. Or, I can just hang out with my boss (I am his Gilligan, he takes me everywhere as his 'lil buddy) and never touch a check. So, that brings me smack dab into the middle of the month. I can schedule "meetings" for lunch with my work acquaintances...and if I plan it correctly I will go to the places where there are left overs that are edible at the end of a work day. I think I can count on Dolphin Man for a couple of meals. I will still have to spread my web to bring more guys into the mix that will feed me and I will likely incur some additional credit card debt for incidentals. Finally, and lastly, I have friends that I know will buy me a drink or two. So, dating for food/cocktails. I am not proud. Back in the day I have put out for a six pack and a pizza. I guess things just come full circle.

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