Sunday, December 17, 2006


I just had a great idea for a movie. Instead of Rambo, our heroine is Rebo......super swashbuckling rebound queen. Of course she is about 5'9, Blond, perfect size C, has a couple of dogs and likes red wine, a lot. Would be very difficult to cast this part......I MAY have someone in mind. Even feverish and somewhat inebriated, our heroine can overcome disappointment and fill her pipeline as a lesser woman could not do on her best day. Her secret weapon; long black eyelashes which make a whooshing noise as she bats them at her unsuspecting victim, rendering him unable to break gaze with her big blue eyes. She has him! She has a Shield of Innocence which makes her impervious to male superpowers such as the Mind Meld or Mind Control. The only way around the Shield of Innocence is with jewelry (preferably Tiffany) or expensive handbags (preferably Coach or Marc Jacob.) Rebo is a lover, not a fighter and uses words to magically entrance men into doing as she wants. She cannot be bothered to do any of that hands on, martial arts type superhero action. Hard to do when wearing platforms anyway. Any suggestions from the Filthy and Gorgeous posse on other superpowers, I er.....Rebo should possess?

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Duke said...

She may not have to use the martial arts, but many a man would love the "Kung Fu Grip!"