Saturday, December 16, 2006

All I Want.

Oh yeah, Joni Mitchell kind of day. It is advisable if you are male to tread lightly around me today. Just got off the phone with Virginia. We were supposed to have a "date" tonight, wine, candles and cam. Mind you, it IS Saturday night and he IS 2200 miles away, yet I agreed. I went to a customer Xmas party in Santa Barbara last night with Boy Gorgeous. Had a great time except we had to leave at 10pm because I was just too sick. He was spazzy when we got back to the room, continued to drink some wine from the Santa Barbara winery we picked up on the way, stripped down to his boxer shorts and leaped from his bed to mine, administering a WWF elbow hammer move thingy to me. He must have done this, as I BITCHED at him, ten times or more until he missed his intended landing pad and ended up on the floor, against the wall with his legs hanging at a weird angle in relationship to his body (ha ha, TOLD you so!) We got up, had breakfast and drove back to LA this am. We had fun. When I got home, I found an instant message on my computer from Virginia, where he told me he "had to move on" and he could tell things had changed since he shared some personal trauma he is experiencing and further,
Virginia (12/15/2006 9:33:35 PM): I have read your seem to have things in order and know what you want...........reach for the stars baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will get everything you desire.
Harrumph. I think this breaks with dating MANtality as I should have never shared the blog with him. Anyhoooo, I called him and we continued to get into it. At some point today, I started thinking WTF AM I DOING?!??! I am giving up flesh and blood men in order to have a "date" with someone I have never met and have been talking to less than a month (and I have to buy my own alcohol, pretty pricey endeavor for those of you that know me.) And what do you make of the blog comment? Ugh, retarded. Additionally, I am STILL sick....have a fever. I liken his BS approach to poking at an angry bear with a stick and expecting them to sing a show tune. Are men that stupid really?? Whatever the case, I think I need to take a step WAY back. If you are freaking out, do it on your own time. Especially if it is a four week, long distance, weird, Internet thing. Imagine how freaked out he would be in real life? It is actually raining here tonight, we do not have weather in So Cal. I shall enjoy this beautiful bottle of Sangiovese, listen to Joni pull at my heart strings punctuated by the raindrops on my roof as I contemplate slitting my wrists/lesbianism/life in the church.

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sc said...

One vote for lesbianism.

Oh, and you're being smart for once, don't waste your time on someone who is 2200 miles away. You've got plenty of options to choose from here.