Sunday, December 10, 2006

Boy Gorgeous

Have I mentioned how much I love Boy Gorgeous? He was my date to my company Christmas party Saturday night in San Diego. A stressful start as we thought we were going to miss our train, but once settled in with several beers we relaxed and I got to enjoy his company. A lot of people think we are a couple as we interact with a level of comfort and intimacy usually reserved for bf/gf types. I tell him EVERYTHING, things I do not admit to anyone else. We chatted and drank the entire trip down the coast, quite beautiful as the train runs next to the ocean and the sun was setting. The party was fun, on a boat with dinner and a club. We were grossly over served, at one point BG laid his head down on the table. Of course, I fell getting out of the car back at the hotel, in front of my boss who has already told me I am single handedly raising the insurance rates for the entire company (Sissy has said, if she didn't know better, she would think I am the falling equivalent of a cutter.) Once in the room, I tore off my dress and went to bed. Boy Gorgeous said at one point, he opened his eyes and saw my boobs. Had the thought, oh those are Kat boobs, and went back to sleep. The next morning, he was uber bright and shiny as compared to my white, shaky hung over self. Annoying really. I got a call from a friend, San Fran who had extended his visit to LA and wanted to know if we could have dinner tonight. As I am digging around for my pants, BG is announcing to San Fran, Hey Kat, I can see your vag! Kind of hard to explain that to someone........ What I love the most about our friendship is we can run around naked in front of each other. We can share all of the good and bad secrets with one another. He has my back always, and sometimes a good view of my front too.

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