Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mr. Catt

Please welcome a new addition to the Filthy and Gorgeous posse, Mr. Catt!! I had the pleasure of partying with Mr. Catt last night until the weeeeee hours of the am. He is hot. He has boy band hair. Best part, he reps a very high end shoe line (how *sexxy* is that?!?) He is hella fun and I think will be a VERY VERY bad influence on your girl Kat here. Already lost my cellie, HOPE I left it in his car (most popular response today, "probably in the back seat" har de har.) Welcome new wing man! So the next couple of days will be uneventful, I PROMISE you that! Sarah is having a "I dumped the asshole" party tonight.....she will be wearing a boa and tiara! If I could rally, I would to support such a great cause. Sadly, just cannot. So, Thursday night have a date with the pole position guy, timing is a bit suspect as I will be doing another appearance as Knitster 3 on my knitting show.

Skeptic: I'll call you and we'll work it out. Warning: meeting with a woman who's just appeared on a TV show might make me extra horny....
spankie: knit stah, remember it, you will be yelling it later

Sounds promising. Friday, pretty Jen's bday party with many of the Filthy and Gorgeous posse. Saturday, Boy Gorgeous and I will be driving to San Diego to go to my company Christmas party. On a boat, lots of booze in San Diego. How bad can that be? In the meantime, I must lick my wounds from last night and do all of the boring domestic things I have been negecting. Laundry, cleaning......ew.


sc said...

Wait, so you were actually ON a knitting TV show? Oh, I have to see this one for myself. What channel? What time?

LA Woman said...

yes, Knitty Gritty on the DIY network. Have no idea when my episodes will air.

Duke said...

WTF? You don't tell us you're going to be on TV...what good are you. I don't know why we don't know these things up front, and to top it you don't even try to find out when it's on.

I really feel the love now.