Thursday, June 28, 2007


I am sick, again. Went out with Boy Gorgeous, Sexual Chocolate and the Metro last Friday and partied until the wee hours of the morning. Woke up Saturday SICK AS A DOG. It is Thursday, and I have barely left the house all week. I have a deep and resonant hack which is disgusting. I have had a fever, sore throat and no energy. My house is a mess. My dogs are bundles of house bound energy. I have more dirty clothes than clean at this point (don't worry, I ran out and bought some more yesterday.) I am incredibly behind in my work. I have been having nightmares. All in all, it has sucked to be me of late. Today is day six of my sobrierity. It is sad to say, I cannot remember the last time I have not drank in six consecutive days. I have cut my smoking in half in anticipation of quitting on Monday (I started my quit smoking medication and it takes two weeks for it to hit critical mass in my system and makes me barf.) Can it be that I am finally going down the path to self-improvement? I have to do this, I have a picture of myself in my head....a few years down the line being Selma or Patty (Marge's chain smoking, Matlock watching, bitter, Iguana loving, terminally single sisters from the Simpsons.) The crazy thing is even though I am still really sick, I am being very productive. I knit an entire shrug last night. A little bit of finishing and blocking to do.....but a sweater in one night?? Unheard of. Well my friends, don't anticipate seeing me any time soon. I am holed up and not leaving until I am a healthy, sober, non-smoker with fourteen new sweaters. Take it from me, it is better this way.

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Duke said...

You don't have to drink to have fun. Remember, we still have to go to the movies and not invite SC.

Since you're in a knitting frenzy, are you taking requests? No sweater, just a beanie.