Friday, June 29, 2007


Day seven of sobriety is over......I waited until 9 and cracked a bottle of Merlot I got wine tasting with the Doc in Passe Robles a couple of weekends ago. I hate to admit this, but upon the first sip.......ahhhhh. I feel like a circuit has been completed in my body. Tequilia is the control alt del of reality but wine is like the satin sheets, the luxurious lotion, the cashmere sweater. It makes it all worthwile to slip into the peppery, cherry, long oaky finish of a good bottle of wine. I am still sick, but I don't care right now. Boy Gorgeous and the Metro called me and wanted me to come party tonight with them in Santa Monica. Facing the world was not an option tonight. I was tempted as I am looking pretty cute, I am wearing my new Slutty Holly Hobby dress today. I know the boys love me. I guess last Friday when I went out with BG and the Metro I commented on the Metro's new facial hair. I saw him and immediately asked him what the fuck he was thinking??? I commented that he looked like a terrorist and he is way too good looking to hide under that nasty, hairy brush he called a beard. According to BG, the Metro was horribly self conscious for the rest of the evening and shaved within hours of coming home Ha! Ok, enough of this. I am going to go back to my sofa and sip on my glass of ruby red ambrosia and nurse myself back to either health or drunkenness.

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