Friday, June 01, 2007

Ex Husband

I am not sure why I did this, but last night I googled my ex-husband's name. I know many of the Filthy and Gorgeous posse are shocked by that statement, I was married. I never speak of it as it was a long time ago (I was 23) and it was very brief (six weeks after a $35,000 Barbie wedding.) Needless to say, it ended badly and was quite embarrassing. When I googled him, I found him and an email address. I sent him a brief email titled "ex wife here" not expecting a response. I got one. Now what? Here was his reply;

Hi Kat…

What a surprise! Did you have a nightmare with me as protagonist? I hope not. Yes, this is me and my email and of course would love to tell you how I am doing…at the end of the day. You caught me last night on my way back from Nicaragua and Honduras. Today I am in recovery mode.

Will get back to you soon. Let me know how you are.

Ex Husband

It occurs to me I never wanted to hear from him again and I now have this open can of worms to contend with thanks to myself. What is with the "XXs" under his name? How do you go about summing up the last fifteen years of your life to someone that betrayed you so badly? Who goes to Nicaragua and Honduras??!!! Why did I do this? Loneliness? Boredom? Curiosity? They say, curiosity killed the cat....let's hope it doesn't do the same to our girl Kat here. I wonder if he still does that really annoying thing of pushing up his sleeves on his jacket? I wonder if he remembers our word for squirrels (chorkey, weird I know...) I wonder if he remembers the first time he saw fireflies....with me in the country, the night sky was electric. I wonder if he still remembers his nickname for me, Nippy. I wonder, I wonder, I wonder..........


Duke said...

I didn't know you were married before. Then again, it's not my place to ask. If you wanted me to know, you'd have told me.

That being said, you can't drop a statement like that an think it's not going to make everyone curious.

LA Woman said...

I was married when I was 23 for six weeks. Nuff said.