Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kill Pill

I think much of my foul mood can be explained by my recently starting back on birth control. The irony is; now I can have sex with no worry of becoming stuck to any of these losers for the next 18 years, however, I am such a fucking depressed and bitchy chick that it is unlikely any man will let me get close enough to try. There is always another side to every coin, huh? San Fran did not call me once this weekend. That pissed me off although I really didn't care what or who he was doing. He hasn't texted me today, and although I really don't care I noted and filed this transgression and decided to be further pissed off. I have invited Skeptic over tomorrow night for salmon and sex....we have some unfinished business to attend to after our activities got cut short when he decided to play "hide the condom" up in the dark and cavernous hole that is my vagina. He is uncertain if he can make it, he may have work to do......on a FRIDAY NIGHT!?!?? That pisses me off. I am being turned down for sex over a fucking part time job. I am going to call birth control the kill pill. I had lunch with Luv Bug yesterday and I think I scared her. Initially she asked me if I would like one of her precious Valiums (she cannot con her doc into giving her more and her office pill swap is light on the vitamin "V"s.) When I didn't respond, she said....."Lemmie rephrase, TAKE this Valium". I know I am on the edge when she volunteered her drugs. I want more chill pills to counteract the kill pills. Or better yet, how about just a good guy? Why oh why is that so hard to come by?

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