Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bar Sin

Another hung over Sunday after and out of control Saturday night. Doc was visiting from up north and brought his leather pants which is code for "we are going to Bar Sinister." Sexual Chocolate and Sarah joined us. Bar Sin is a very cool goth bar in Hollywood with a strict dress code; fetish wear, goth or all black. We got our Goth on, actually had to lend Sarah the good Christian girl a cross to wear. I wore a corset and long black skirt. We did note we were the hottest chicks in the joint. Upstairs, there is a spanking bar. Now, the last time we were there, the spanking bar was grossly disappointing. Unattractive women being whipped in a non-convincing manner. All show no go. We ended up heckling the so-called "dungeon Master" encouraging him to actually "spank the naughty bitches!!!!" Last night was a different story. The women were attractive and the Dungeon Master was actually beating the shit out of them! Yeah us! So, we stayed and watched the show all night, getting progressively more drunk in the process. Good times! I made a mental note that in the event my love life continues to go in the direction it is, I may need to avail myself of the Dungeon Master's skills in order to have a male touch. I am paying my pedicurist to touch me as well. Skeptic and I had a tiff Friday night so I am pretty sure that is done. He coupled me and the word "chore" in the same sentence and I went nuts. My feelings were hurt and I lashed out. He has been very high maintenance, bad ROI (return on investment). For a fuck buddy, he has been unreliable and unavailable. I raised my voice and told him I wasn't asking him to take me out, hold my hand, read me Leaves of Grass. How much more low maintenance can I possibly be? The problem is, I broke with Dating Mantality rule #3, Do Not Get Emotionally Attached. I really like him. I wish I could take it back, but sadly I cannot. So, I lick my wounds today and contemplate how I am going to fill my pipeline which is completely empty.


sc said...

I'd have to make the argument that you and Sarah are the hottest chicks that walk into any bar.

Duke said...

I wish I could have seen that...not just you and Sarah, but SC in Goth. Can't quite picture it, but I'm sure he lived up to his name.

I've seen the spanking thing before with a couple of girls getting flogged. After the show, I complimented her on her performance. She in turn, offered to flog me in front of everyone...tempting, but no.