Thursday, June 04, 2009

Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder

No exciting tid anticipated. You hang out with a couple of MSEEs and that is to be expected. I am so looking forward to my trip tomorrow....packing and stuff. This whole no liquid unless you check thing is punitive for chicks. When I came back from Chicago last summer (as many of you knew, I had just returned from Tahiti, my grandmother died...I had to turn on my heels and go home. Grabbed the wrong wallet...had no credit cards or debit cards...lived on the kindness of my mother which, um. She is a cunt. Day I left, she left me a crisp twenty and I promptly went out and bought a latte and a pack of cigs and a newspaper. Color me fucking stupid when I went to the airport and United had just instituted...that weekend..the $15 bag check fee. Oopsie! I had to dump a brand new bottle of Dolche and Gabanna perfume, some hair product and moisturiser....etc. I estimate the loss at over 4 hundo) Punitive. I am packing my bags and looking for tiny bottles, I know I have them. I just want to smell nice, have good hair and have my skin look like I am not 105. Terrorists. I will kill them.
I am packing my carry-on with books and magazines. Over the shoulder boulder holder...fucking cracking myself up. Going to Boulder as you know.
You all won't hear from me until Tuesday most likely. I find it is best to not talk about someone when they are around.

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chibird said...

Well, I was just in CO visiting my soon to be love of my life.. only time will tell Ha..I appreciate your stories... look out for the liquid TSA nazi...