Monday, June 08, 2009

Sun Sets on Boulder

Friday was a blurr.....working all day, giving my principal the bum's rush to get him to the airport, run home, change, grab bag, the kennel! Then fight rush hour traffic to LAX. My reward was barely making it onto my completely packed to the gills flight. Find a spot for my bag and then look at my seat. Fuck! Middle seat, with a very heavy woman on one end and another very heavy woman holding a three year old screaming and fussy child in her lap on the other. I let out an audible sigh, greaaatttt....then tucked my wings to squeeze in my fat lady sandwich seat and closed my eyes. We land, and the fat lady with the obviously too old to hold child said loudly, "Next time you have something to say you should think twice." I told her "I don't care for middle seats, and care for misbehaving children even less." To which she replied, "Oh yeah, well next time book in first class!!" and I said, "How about you just get some!!!!" Oh snap! Suck on that bitch! Why do we have to live in such a Jerry Springer world? My Pretend Boyfriend was waiting for me and we started on the hour drive to Boulder. I was genuinely happy to see him, it has been over a year.
We had some cocktails upon arrival in Boulder, Irish bar then proceeded back to his place. Walking distance from the ped mall. It was hilarious as it was closing time and this is a college town...there were girls barfing, and guys chasing their gfs around saying stuff like, "baby I'm sooo sorry!!" and guys trying to make time, one guy high-fiving his friend saying, "I totally fucked that one up, called her the wrong name!!!" Hard to believe we were once that retarded, but I know at least I was. We got to his house and started to fool around. He has an awesome body and well, again his nick that his guy friends gave him was The Donkey so....I am not sure what his deal was but he was animalistic. Normally I am into that but he really hurt me. And wouldn't stop. Woke me up again Saturday morning for a go, and I realized just how injured I was...still am really. He broke my fucking junk! No joke!
Saturday was perfect. 80 degrees, sun shining on the mountains, perfect breeze blowing. Brunch, some shopping more eating and then happy hour with my Cuz and Cuz's Wife and my friend from college, Hippie. We met on the roof of The Foundry. Cool bar on Pearl street with an amazing view of the mountains as the backdrop for our debauchery. One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the quality of people I have in my life and the very interesting things they do. Hippie is a teacher now, but in the past he was a survival instructor. He would take a group of people, armed with only a knife, out into the wilderness and teach them to live off the land for a month. Now he also is a glass blower. He looks exactly the same as he did when we first met, on his first day of college. Round John Lennon glasses (but rose colored, so perfect for him,) bucket hat, glass pendant around his neck that he made. Like a very handsome Hunter S. Thompson. My Cuz and his wife, similarly interesting. The conversation and the cocktails flowed as the sun set on the mountains. Simply. Perfect. They left and My Pretend Boyfriend and I journeyed on. He became retardedly drunk. It got ugly. 'Nuff said.
Sunday we awoke and My Pretend Boyfriend knew enough to apologize but didn't remember why he should. I stormed off and walked into town. Called him a bit later to meet me at The Kitchen for breakfast. He did. I'm cool. Again, 'nuff said. We ate, shopped a bit then went to see The Hangover...hilarious! Two thumbs up! We went home to change and then met my Cuz and my Cuz's Wife at Jax for dinner. Just wonderful, food and most importantly company. I was so sad to see the evening draw to a close. My Pretend Boyfriend was enchanting, as he can be. He picked up the dinner check. Wow, just wow on every level. I floated back to his place and then went to bed. You know, without drinking or sex we don't have much in common so it was a quiet walk home.
I woke up this morning and he was gone. I spent the day wandering around Boulder by myself and spending money I don't have. He finished work just in time to take me to the airport and stick his foot in the small of my back pushing me out of the car (not literally, but he might as well have.) Typical ending to a weekend with him. Screaming baby on the flight back too. Joyous. I just got home and am exhausted.
I am looking forward to sleeping and waking up in my own bed, alone as expected (except for the cuddly dog pile, yay!) I may have to seek medical treatment tomorrow. No kidding....I am gushing blood. There were peaks and valleys to this weekend but I don't think I will be going back to Boulder anytime soon. Call me Sisyphus, but don't call me late to dinner.

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Senor Smooth said...

I've been in the fat lady sandwich on a plane. Not fun. The only way to make it fun is to bring a giant yummy meatball hoogie onto the plane with you and eat it in front of them while they salivate. Wash it down with a bag of chocolate. I was lucky they didn't cut me in half and devour me on the spot.