Thursday, June 04, 2009

birds that sing your beautiful songs outside my window starting at 5AM...stfu

I am tired this morning. Spent my night chatting with ABC Chick. We are posturing for the next dance off, "bring it" she says..."you hear that tap tap tap tap? That is me dancing on your dream!" Oh, it's broughten. Editor was stuck in a hick bar in AZ, we texted until about midnight. Passed the time by talking about Jimmy Choos thus helping her plaid colored, redneck infused world melt away. Finally, a friend of mine, adult going to band camp, for the banjo!! How oddly cool is that? One time, in band camp.....I reminded her that the banjo was WAYYY bigger than a flute so be careful not to hurt herself! She enlightened me to the fact when you play the banjo it vibrates! Come to think of it, I have never seen a frowning banjo player. Today and tomorrow travelling with my boss. I will likely not have any exciting tid bits to share.

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