Thursday, August 23, 2007

open letter to the dumbass NAACP head of Atlanta

hey kids, feel free to write this back woods douchebag as I did;

Mr. White,

I find your backing of Michael Vick shameful and your reasoning suspect. In your role as a mouthpiece for the NAACP your words hold power. You are accountable. This man’s actions do nothing to further African Americans or humanity as a whole. Dog fighting is a despicable act perpetrated on defenseless animals, outside the law in secrecy for profit. How can you defend this anti-social behavior? There is no comparison to hunting as those I know who hunt do not torture the animal, bet on the outcome of the hunt, breed animals for hunting (with rape stands!!), train the animal for hunting nor hide their activities (from both the law and the IRS.) Additionally, they do not kill the animals in unspeakable ways if they do not provide an appropriately challenging hunt. Hunters hunt and eat what they catch.

I am so sorry that you will be deprived of the “hours of enjoyment” Vick provides you as a professional athlete. I am sure that there are many brutal and sick people that lament they will be missing out on “hours of dog fighting enjoyment” as well. The blood, the carnage, the crazy way the losing dog “dances” when being shocked and tortured to death, the sound of crushing bones…..good family orientated times!

One would think that you might support more challenged and accomplished people. This guy won the life lottery because he could run and catch. He lives a privileged life which most of us covet. Vick chose to go down a path which is backward and disgusting by most standards. As you stated, “As a society, we should aid in his rehabilitation and welcome a new Michael Vick back into the community without a permanent loss in his career in football.” Part of rehabilitation is hitting the bottom. There are consequences to our actions and losing a multimillion dollar salary and lucrative endorsements seems about right for this one.

Is Vick up for the NAACP Image Award this year? I hope your irresponsible and ignorant position cost you your job as the head of the Atlanta NAACP. I am hopeful as it seems the NAACP is backing away from you and your idiotic position. Outrageous.

Shame on you!

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Get 'em Filthy and Gorgeous Posse!!!

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