Thursday, August 23, 2007

my summer vacation

I have been working a lot. A lot a lot. I am drop dead tired and I cannot help but wonder how on earth can I incorporate a life with my job. Impossible. My new little fuck buddy has been texting me for weeks and I continue to promise that we will hook up soon. I am lying. My job is awesome, I am important and have so much fun. This will sound conceited, but I know (I know that my boss knows too) that we are making due with one person in LA because I charm the pants off of our principals and customers. In my opinion, we should lose all of our lines. I cannot possibly do justice to them as one person in LA. I think we are cool because I am smart, get the meetings they want, book shit. It is some sort of fucking miracle.. Honestly, I think I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I feel the pressure. I haven't taken off any time since Christmas. I am going home at the end of September for a pseudo vacation. Wanna know what I am doing on my summer vacation? I am having a root canal and four cavities filled. Next, I am seeing the dermatologist. Finally, we will crown my vacation with a biopsy of my cervix. Cancer, ya! I cannot get laid WITH hair...can only imagine how hard it will be without hair and a drip bag of chemo. Good thing I have reserved a bunch of fat over the last couple of months. When I finish chemo, I am going to be all kinds of Kate Moss sorta hot.

I am unhappy and scared.

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Duke said...

True that your summer plans don't sound like fun, but it's what happens when you don't take better care of yourself. We all know you work hard, but you also play hard, even when you should be taking care of yourself. You know this and admit to it too. You've been coughing for what, like 3 months now. I care, this is why I say this. YOU NEED TO GET BETTER!

Relax, it's not chemo for you. While you're not saying anything about the details around the scheduled biopsy, I'm sure there are other possibilities your omitting here. In any case, I wishing the best for you.