Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Back to the salt mines

I cannot believe I am back at work today. Got back late last night from my weekend in San Fran with San Fran. I had a wonderful time and didn't wanna come back. San Fran is oodles of fun and it was awesome pretending I had a boyfriend for a couple of days and having someone to kiss at midnight on New Years. He has it down too.....brushing the hair out of my eyes, the kiss on the forehead, putting his hand on the small of my back....the little tender things which I miss about being in a relationship. I am not sure where this will go as we do live 7 hours away from each other, but I will just roll with it and not over analyze (as I tend to do, OK, OBSESS is the better word. Nice to know that I could hop a plane and be a GF type in a little over an hour. Good to have that in my back pocket. On the plane on the way back, I met a Jew names Zvi. As you all know, I have mad shiksappeal and he was quickly drawn into my gentile web. He was charmed and although he is in a relationship, he said he had many male friends that would love to take me out. He already had one, Jacob, on the line by the time we got to baggage claim. He works fast! I know I am not the kind of girl you can set up, but I will roll with it and see what good ol' Zvi can pull out of his hat. I am not proud, desperate times....you know the rest. My resolutions revolve around self improvement. I have been acting like a college student lately, too many late nights getting retarded with my posse. I intend to do all those things that I suspect are on many of your lists, quit smoking, work out, save the children.......I hope we can all realize our dreams in 2007!!


SC said...

Hopefully you keep a little of your inner college student around so we can still go out and party! Miss ya Kat!

Anonymous said...

For God's sake. I'm two seconds into your blog for the first time, and already I have a problem.

DON'T FREAKIN' SAY SF! It's San Francisco, "the City," or SF if you must abbreviate. Never "Frisco" or "San Fran."

You, being from a big city, must understand the meaning of respect.

Please take heed and live by the California rules.


LA Woman said...

Oh dear, Kate. I am not all hip with the ins and outs of Cali lingo. Try to look past the annoying things (I guarantee you, there are MANY of them on my blog) and dig into the substance. Did ya read Mantits? Thought you would really like that entry!