Monday, August 03, 2009

Deep Thoughts and Tough Love

In my conversation today with Latin Lover, he gives me some sage advice regarding men;

Latin Lover: men have no commitment to anything, men are like animals, the second they find something new to sniff or something they are interested in, they're gonna do it unless they fear consequences. men in power, will do whatever they want, and all you do is let men have power

spankie: hm

Latin Lover: regardless of how cool or not you are, he doesn't appreciate what he doesn't have because, well he's a spoiled rotten guy. you can let him have sexual power, but you've given him sexual power and power in the relationship, friendship or sexual relationship or emotional relationship. he will treat you as he wishes

spankie: me something to chew on

Latin Lover: yeah and we both know you like putting things in your mouth


OzPsi said...

Latin Lover sounds like someone I know...

Allika said...

This depresses me! I refuse to believe that this kind of douchebaggery encompasses all men... some must function on a higher level, no? Or am I just being naiive?

LA Woman said...

Allika doll! Thank you for following my blog...I have been reading yours as well and you are me...20 years ago! You are a hot ticket and I am flattered you are following my sexcapades. Unfortunately, I think men are always chasing the shiny colorful thing that is in their direct view. For example, last time I saw Freakishly Tall Guy he was all over me, making future plans and acting boyfriendy....after a few days out of town, he is blowing me off this sat. I get THREE WHOLE HOURS when he will attend a top shelf party with my amazing gays and lesbians, then he will leave me to help a "friend." 7pm on a Saturday? I lost my WWABD cool, and went off on him. He is now ICE fucking cold. I intend to blog about this in a more general fashion when I figure out what I want to say about it. Love you doll! Please spread the word about my blog if you like it. I am blogging anonymously for obvious reasons. Kat