Thursday, April 30, 2009

Media Hegemony

TV and movies really fuck us up as chicks. I want the males in the Filthy and Gorgeous Posse to chime in on this.....would you really fall in love with a woman that was pregnant with another man's baby a la The Practice? Or have an acrimonious divorce and still love your ex (same show.) I can think of a million stupid romantic comedies that support these dilusional story lines inflicted upon us on a media machine fuled by the dollars of desperate women. This bullshit is force fed down our throats by the media but would NEVER EVER HAPPEN. I cannot get a guy to call me back when I call him on some bullshit like, er...I dunno...saying something like, "if you are going to be late drop a dime..." Men are such narcissitic and fragile creatures that they fold under the mildest of scrutinety. Oh wait, on The Practice the Other Woman is kissing the much sought after male who is having a baby with another woman. THIS would happen all day long. Women would screw over another woman for a hot piece. I remember back in Chicago I had met a man that I was really getting along with at a party. I was perplexed that he never called and asked me out. Over a year later, I ran into this man and asked him why he never called and he told me that the girl I was with told him I had AIDS. True story (I don't have AIDS for the record.) These television shows and movies are designed to perpetuate a myth that the impossible can happen. We can find true love when we least expect it. Pfft!

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