Thursday, February 05, 2009

Smelly McSmellerson

I smell bad. I mean, I smoke and yet....I recognize I smell bad. I just cannot imagine what a mortal nose would smell if it were to smell me. To top it off, my sink in my kitchen is totally fucked up. I cannot run water without it flowing in black muckyness on the floor. Which also smells. The black muckyness. It is dogs smell. Awful. Again, I have killed and paralyzed my cylia in my mucas membranes and I can still smell the smell. Wet, smoky, rotten kitchen smell dog. In the effort to not smell while I get the plumber in, I have been doing dishes in my bathroom. It now smells too. Bathroom sinks are not intended to drain fetid kitchen shit. It is stuck and smelly. Welcome to my world. It is a disgusting cigerette, wet dog, fetid food, icky goo on the floor and not draining rotten food in the bathroom sink kind of smell. Ok, it was really the bathtub. It was completely disgusting picking mushrooms out of the bathtub drain. Are you happy people?!?!?!?!?

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