Friday, January 18, 2008

For one tiny minute......

So I just heard from the Screenwriter. I presume that his "company" has gone and from the tepid text I just got from him my guess would be that he has had his pipes thoroughly cleaned and he's just not that into me. Oh well, was fun to think about for a tiny minute but back to reality. I am annoyed really. Whatever the case, the dirty thoughts he has inspired must be flying through space right now. I have been contacted by Skeptic, San Fran and the Cracker over the last week. It is like I am sending out the "slut satellite" to any that are tuned into my frequency. Tonight, I am going to see a band with a group of friends at Cafe Cordillair just staggering distance from my pad. Very convenient. Tomorrow, I am going to a housewarming party for my buddy Mr. Lexis. Should be fun, his friends are all really cool. Thinking there will be some guitar hero action. Other than that, I may go try my hand at Thai curry over at HottieEsq's house this weekend. Maybe I will finally get all of my closets cleaned out and my junk over to Goodwill. Nah, that would be just too productive.

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