Sunday, January 06, 2008

Back in the Saddle...not

I haven't had much to say to the Filthy and Gorgeous Posse lately. Work has been monopolizing my time then back to Chicago for the holidays. I decided Friday that I just needed to get laid with no strings or hoop jumping and went back onto the Dirty Filthy web site. As you might imagine there are many that would happily take me up on my offer. I chatted with a lot of guys; I got the usual jerks that think that "hi, are you horny? Wanna fuck?" is going to get me (or any woman for that matter) to run right out and drop my nickers for them the sweet talking Cyranos they are. Or guys with the screen names like Lonelyguy instant messaging, "why won't anybody talk to me? Why won't you send me your picture? I am so lonely!" I thought about messaging him back to say he should change his name to something like IAmAPatheticLoserAndJustShootMeNow or IShouldJustGetUsedToALifeOfMasturbation but I decided that would be mean and let it go. Mixed in with the group of under-sexed predators I chatted with someone that was witty and intelligent and a breath of fresh air. Going to keep this one on the down low for a while I think. I am hoping the muse will strike and I will feel the urge to write again but until then don't expect a lot from me. Happy New Year to whomever is still reading my grossly neglected blog. I hope I can get back to this, I do miss it. By the way, I signed into my email tonight and I got the message, Adult FriendFinder 69 members are interested in Spankie. I thought that was funny. Kat


Duke said...

I can't believe you're complaining about the guys just being honest about wanting sex and you're saying all you want is no commitment sex...WTF??? I guess you're asking for someone to put some effort into seducing you, but doesn't that conflict with the idea of just getting laid? You're being critical?

LA Woman said...

come on Duke!!! Don't you think they could put a LITTLE more effort into it than that?!?!??? A woman's biggest sex organ is her brain. Duh! Hi. Hi. Horny? Wanna fuck? pfft!

SC said... ARE on a website designed solely for no-strings attached sex. So why should someone waste time having a conversation with you first?

You here to fuck? Me too, let's fuck.

I don't need to know your favorite color or if you are afraid of lightning, I just need to know if you wanna screw.

I'm 100% in duke's camp on this one. Beggers can't be choosers.

LA Woman said...

I still think you are wrong. The good thing on the dirty filthy web site is I GET TO PICK. ME. One would think it would be just common sense to want to improve their chances by finding some sort of commonality with the chick. Come on SC, we have talked about this. We ALL know it is about the pussy. How a guy goes about getting it is the key differentiator. Trust me as a chick on the receiving end of those "hi wanna fuck" messages...I just hit close. Nuf said.

sc said...

You get to pick in real life also. Whenever you go out and some guy comes up to talk to you, you get to choose if you're going to talk to him or not.

Since you're on the NSA website, every female on there is there for one thing. So as a guy, if girl A doesn't respond to "Nice shoes, wanna fuck?" then he can just go on to girl B, C, or any of the other thousand girls on the site. The law of averages says he'll get laid eventually, and that's the goal. So why should he waste his time chatting you up when he could be out asking other girls if they wanna bump uglies?

When a guy approaches a girl in public, or on a dating site, he has to do a little work to get into her pants. She might be waiting for marriage, or the third date, or a whole lot of tequila. So he has to talk about her feelings, hopes, dreams, take her out to dinner, maybe get her drunk on said tequila, or whatever we have to go through to get a girl's interest going before he can even think about getting laid.

But on the NSA website, the pants are already off. The only commonality a guy needs is that he has a penis and you have a vagina, and God created the two to go together.

You know, I've never been with a redhead before, wanna fuck?

Duke said...

It's women like you that make prostitution so much better!