Sunday, September 23, 2007

Unhappy camper

Has anyone but me noticed that life is exhausting? This week has been chock full of stories about cheating spouses, out of wedlock babies, betrayal, dishonesty, heart breaks for my friends embroiled in these horrible situations. I genuinely wonder why I am striving for something that generally ends so badly. Top it off with the regular stuff that sucks up your time; laundry, paying bills, working, cleaning......I do not know how I get it all done. I don't actually, just work whatever fire presents itself next. Couple all of this with the rest of the regular disappointments that life presents...why do we even get out of bed?? I am tired. I cannot write. I have no point of view. What the fuck am I going to write about in my comedy writing class??? I am depressed. I begin my class tonight and have a lack of material. Insecurity makes me wonder why I even thought I could write comedic pieces. Who do I think I am, fucking Kathy Griffin? I am also trying to get the hell out of Dodge....packing and cleaning. I cannot believe that my only time off this year will be spent having my cervix biopsied, my roots canaled, my teeth filled with bits of ceramic.....frankly this sucks. Being single does not go well with vacations. I am not the kind of girl that could jet off to Hawaii by myself and have a good time. I would be angerly eyeing the happy couples in love or lust or (at the bare minimum) together. I also, stupidly, booked some really retarded times for my flights; my shuttle comes tomorrow at 3am. I come home just in time to miss my class next week. Doh! I hope that I can manage an attitude adjustment over the next week. I am not a very happy camper right now.

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