Wednesday, September 02, 2009


It is Wednesday and I have been up since 5AM. I have over 200 miles to drive and five account calls ahead of me today. Tomorrow will be much the same.

It has been a quiet week, Freakishly Tall Guy is at Burningman. SurfGirl just dumped her famous movie star boyfriend and he was also desert bound. I don't get it. From what I gather, it is a drug and sex party attended by 220,000 people all coming together to be individuals. Hey, I did something similar when I was in my was called the Grateful Dead. At least we had some shitty music to bind us together. Some guy I was talking to told me that he had thought the same thing about Burningman until he went, "It is a cultural happening. A celebration!" When pressed about what the cohesive theme to this event was he said, "It is like Mardi Gras and Carnival rolled into one!" Yup, drug and sex party like I said. SurfGirl and I pinkie truced that if we ever dated a man that aspired to go to Burningman that was an immediate termination. Irresponsible and juvenile. I suspect after a few days in the desert with free love and no showers, Pleasure Wipes are looking pretty darn good.

Went back to the Internet fishing hole to work on my pipeline. Have a couple of tunas on the hook. Have not heard from SoonToBeFameousGuy. Have a date with LaundryMan Friday. It was a bit of an awkward conversation with him last night. Last time we chatted, I told him he needed to work on his kissing (there MAY have been alcohol involved.) Last night he told me he had hired a hooker to work on his skillz with...I just played dumb and pretended not to know what he was talking about. Oopsie! Reason ten thousand and one on why not to drink and chat. In my own defense, he is the worst kisser ever.


OZ said...

Hey I got my own juvenile regression exodus every year. It has over 100K goers and is older than burning man. We call it COMIC CON.

They do express themselves individually, (thinking they are unique). It is in a nicer place and you even get nice souvenirs and you do not get that smug sense of self satisfaction. But a good time is had by all. I bet the sex and drugs actually happen behind the scenes or after the show.

Perhaps because those kind of pinkie truces, that i still have to find a girl to go out with me there. 8-B

swivek said...

He hired a hooker to teach him to kiss, I'm not sure if that is a sweet gesture or creepy.. I'll have to think about it. I think I come from the school of not knowing anything.. like couldn't he just surprise you by all of a sudden giving you some great kisses... then again maybe you would think you had imagined the whole thing about him not being a good kisser. So I guess it's mind fuck vs. truth, not sure which I prefer.

Roberta Branca said...

There's also nudity involved and Burning Man . . . do the male goers ever mention that?